Sometimes a design simply cries out for the look of embroidery. At Cook’s we understand the need for superior quality control and outstanding workmanship that comes with anyembroidery project. We'll happily put our embroidery up against anyone in the industry. With modern, fully automated equipment and true multi-thread computer-driven heads we can produce consistent, quality results, repeatedly and economically.

As a result, when your design turns out so successful that you need another production run, you can depend on the new run matching the previous one precisely.

And, when you've got that really big order, our machines can get it done quickly. So, whether it's Golf Caps, Polo Shirts, Sports Bags or Tour Jackets, we'll see to it that you receive the fastest, most accurate and professional embroidery service you've ever experienced.

Personalizing Your Merchandise
Embroidery can be done on t-shirts, jackets, caps, towels, and numerous other garments and items. Personalizing those items can easily be done with embroidery. We usually use one of our stock fonts to save on extra digitizing fees. We can even use these "Stock Fonts" to make up your logo, to also save on digitizing fees.

We usually add a name to a garment in two ways: Block or Script. We can use any of our stock fonts.

Embroidery Artwork
Embroidery Artwork does not have to be high resolution. Simple JPEGs (.jpg) from the Internet will work. Still a fee may be charged if a design needs to be made from scratch. 

The Digitizing Process
The machines we use to sew your designs read how to sew it through a computer file that has to be manually created by one of our digitizing experts. They usually start with your artwork, and manually lay the stitches on top of that using the original picture as a guide. We do all of our digitizing in house, so we can quickly design and sew a sample for your approval. We charge for digitizing by the complexity of the design and the number of stitches. Since our machines can hold many colors of thread, multiple colors in your design is not a problem.

Determining Price Factors
Stitch Count. The biggest determining factor in embroidery is the "stitch count". We charge on a 'per 1000' basis. For every 1000 stitches you pay x-dollars. 

Quantity. We are a production shop, and we base our costs on production time. If you need a few shirts or 1000 shirts, it takes the same time to set the job up. Therefore larger quantities will always have a lower "per shirt" price than smaller quantities. 

Garment. Basic t-shirts of course are least expensive, prices increase when you add pockets, long sleeves or choose a heavier weight of cotton (Beefy-T). Ringer T's, 3/4 sleeve, and fleece are always more expensive.

Garment Color. White is the least expensive in any garment. This can affect price when you get into larger quantities. Athletic Heather (Oxford), and Ash are a little more expensive, with all other colors being the most expensive. 

How Long Does It Take
Once we have your order (garment type and quantity of each size), we begin on your digitizing. We will have your digitizing ready within a couple of days. We generally send a proof to you in an email, or fax it to you for approval. We will not start a job until we have an approval.

After you approve your final artwork and give us the complete order, we will complete your embroidery order within two weeks. We generally complete our orders with a week, but we always guarantee two weeks (unless specified).

Yes, we can rush an order…Sometimes we have to charge extra if we have to stay extra. We ship if required, cost is determined on location and at your added expense.